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From humble beginnings in the Bahamas, Kermit was intrigued by food as his family came from a long background of local culinarians. He gained his first hands-on experience as a kid working in his family business. Chef Ray gained over 20 years of experience in the industry working as a sous chef for a few resorts like the One and Only Ocean Club and The Four Seasons, a private chef in many homes, a caterer for countless businesses, and a restaurateur to his brand “The Bun Hut”. Kermit used his mentorship under famous Chef Jean George Vongerichten along with his travels to countries like China and Mexico to influence the growth of his craft. He had the opportunity to work with many big named celebrities and clients like The Jonas Brothers and Lionel Richie showcasing his festive Caribbean style of cooking.
After relocating with his family from the food hub of the world, New York City, to a quieter rural town in North Carolina he made it his mission to spread love, flavor, and knowledge through his meals. He set forth to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience, transforming traditional Caribbean cuisine while adding an Asian fusion twist to promote his unique approach to Caribbean tourism. Our meal prep platform enables us to mobilize our reach to a wider audience in the surrounding cities, allowing a chance for anyone that may have considered trying this type of food but doesn’t have the resources to.

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